Are Blogs Better Than Books?

Do you read blogs in the niche that interests you? Have you ever wondered whether blogs are better than books? Read on for insights.

Blogs can be precise along with images and links. But they really miss out on something great or the other. On the other hand, books are there to provide all the information including advanced topics.

There is no better feeling than reading a book and flipping through its solid pages. You get the real touch feeling which blogs cannot provide. Looking at the computer screen can be bad for your eyes because of the UV rays it radiates. Above all, there is nothing better than a good book to have in hand with all the information, pictures and references.

Blog sites can change over time and you may lose track of them. While this is the case, books are always handy on your book shelf.

It is good to make available the first four or five chapters of the book you are authoring in the form of a blog. Then after that give a link to your book whether you have made the choice to include it on a free site or sell the book on Amazon. A blog will rather help to attract more readers to your book, be it a digital one or a hard copy. So blogs help to promote your books, not replace them.

Blogs are great in that they help provide you information daily or weekly in chunks and you can absorb them quickly and tirelessly. But seeing the volume of content inside a book may overwhelm you. But it is books that you have read ever since grade 1 until possibly, your higher education. Blogs are a new technology but gathering information from books and making notes will always work.

Why is a library full of books so enriching? Can blogs replace all these books? As I have mentioned earlier, blogs are a new technology while books have been there from time immemorial. Other than books, you will find other information in the form of newspapers, magazines, tabloids and journals at a library. Can blogs replace all these? Therefore, I go with my preceding statement that yes, a library full of books and information is powerful, insightful and knowledgeable.

Summing up, the above reasons justify why books will always be better than blogs. Have you ever thought otherwise? I hope this article has been able to highlight my point of view regarding books and blogs.

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